Sunday, June 1, 2008


Alhamdulilah, terlaksana gak akhir untuk create blog walapun dah lama berhajat nak mencurahkan rasa, jiwa dan raga... wah..wah... sound like naughty.. well..

Well, start with myself, I am 28 years.. ok.. tell you the truth I am going to 29 this november this year... I feel many things I did in my life was not delivered with 100% comitment and confindent. Even though with this age I'm suppose completely knew what should I do and vision.. but no big deal as long as I have passion to change and it is not late to improve myself..

I hope I can :

Improve my writing skill
Build up my confident
keep blogging (Jangan hangat-hangat taik ayam)

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